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Isleta Tribe Carved Stone Fetishes
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Isleta Tribe Carved Stone Fetishes

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Native American Indian carved stone and wood figures take many forms—from the arrowhead of the Plains Indian hunters to the totem poles of the Pacific Northwestern peoples. For the Pueblo peoples of the Southwest, common Native American Indian carved stone figures include fetishes—animals or figures believed to have magic powers.

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Isleta Tribe Stone Fetishes for Sale

The Isleta tribe are known for their very detailed and decorated carved stone fetishes. Native American Indian artists who create these carved stone figures feel that the fetish is not their own design but arises naturally from the stone, or, perhaps more accurately, from the animal or figure’s spirit within the stone.

Isleta tribe stone fetishes are often decorated with “medicine packs”—feathers and other gemstones tied to or worn by the fetish.
Andy Abeita is an Isleta tribe artist renowned for his stone fetishes. Among his creations are Corn Maidens, buffalo, horse and eagle. Abeita’s carved stone fetishes are clear representations of a real animal or figure—they are not abstractions. Many of his Native American Indian fetishes are very detailed, particularly those carved of a colored stone, which enhances the visibility of etched details.

Authentic Native American Indian Carved Stone Fetishes

Palms Trading Company carries a selection of carved stone fetishes from the Isleta, Navajo and Zuni tribes. We buy directly from the artists, so our carved stone fetishes are guaranteed authentic.

If you are looking for particular stone or animal fetishes but don’t see them in our online inventory, please contact us. A personal shopper will search our larger in-store collection, and if you still aren’t satisfied, we will let you know when we acquire new pieces that may fit the bill.

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