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Navajo Stone-Carved Fetishes
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Navajo Stone-Carved Fetishes

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Isleta tribe fetishes, which may take human form (like Corn Maiden), Navajo fetishes are nearly exclusively animals. Like many Native American artists, Navajo artists believe that the stones dictate the carved fetishes’ shapes, not their will over the stones.

Navajo fetishes are carved with varying amounts of detail. Some animals, including many bears, are somewhat abstracted, having only the basic shape of the animal. Other carved stone fetishes, though, are carved and/or etched to give the animal texture. Regardless of the detail of the stone figures, Navajo tribe fetishes typically have colored (most commonly turquoise) eyes.

Steward Alonzo is one of the most well-known artists of the Navajo tribe. Self-taught, Alonzo has developed a unique style that includes heart-lined carved stone fetishes.

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Carved stone fetishes are some of the most fascinating of Native American Indian carved stone figures. The idea of an animal’s power that may be captured in a stone and bestowed upon the fetish’s caretaker is unique to Southwestern Native American Indian cultures.

Authentic Native American Carved Stone Figures

Navajo tribe stone fetishes are among the larger collection of Native American carved stone figures at Palms Trading Company. If you are looking for a particular animal or fetish carved from a particular stone, check our selection of Isleta and Zuni fetishes as well.

If nothing in our online inventory meets your criteria, contact us for assistance from a personal shopper. We can show you pieces from our in-store collection or keep an eye out for carved stone fetishes that meet your description as new pieces arrive.

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