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Zuni Fetish Carvings
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Zuni Fetish Carvings

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Authentic Zuni Fetishes

Zuni tribe fetishes share some features with stone fetishes by other Indian artists. Like Navajo tribe stone fetishes, Zuni fetishes are nearly exclusively animals, most with colored eyes.

Similar to Isleta tribe stone fetishes, Zuni fetishes are typically very detailed, carved and etched to create the look and texture of features like scales, feathers and fur. Zuni fetishes are often decorated with “medicine packs.”

However, Zuni tribe stone fetishes have some unique characteristics. Animal stone sculptures from this Pueblo are the only fetishes that feature other animals or objects found in the animal’s natural environment. For instance, Palms Trading Company‘s current collection of Zuni fetishes includes a seahorse with its young, an owl gripping a snake with its talons and a lizard crawling up a branch. While most of these sculptures are carved from one type of stone, some Zuni tribe fetishes may feature an animal of one stone and an object carved from another, providing color and/or texture contrasts.

Among the prolific Indian fetish artists from the Zuni tribe is master carver Hudson Sandy. The detail of Sandy’s pieces is unparalleled, and his figures commonly incorporate more than one kind of stone. His pieces are sure to become collectibles.

Native American Hand-Carved Stone Fetishes

Palms Trading Company has been buying and selling authentic Southwestern Indian art for decades. We have developed relationships with our artists and can guarantee the authenticity of each piece in our collection of Indian carved stone sculptures and collectibles.

If you are looking for a fetish of a particular animal or carved from a particular stone but do not see it among our selection of Isleta, Navajo and Zuni fetishes online, please contact us. A personal shopper can help you search our larger in-store selection and let you know when we acquire new fetishes.

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