Many Native American Indian necklaces are full pieces with adornment not just falling in the center, but also upwards toward the collarbone or around the neck. Sometimes, that may just feel like too much ornament.

Palms Trading Company double as pendants, able to be pinned to a lapel or scarf or suspended from a simple chain.

Authentic Native American Indian Jewelry

The collection of Native American Indian pins and pendants at Palms Trading Company represents the diversity of the tribes and Pueblos of the Southwest. Navajo, Hopi, Santo Domingo and Zuni artists display their Nation’s characteristic jewelry style, from hand-stamped silver and chunky turquoise stones to multi-gemstone inlays.

Handmade Native American Indian Jewelry
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Palms Trading Company buys all pins and pendants directly from Native American Indian artists, so every piece is authentic. Jewelry artists use only sterling silver in their pieces, and most stonework uses genuine stones.

Finding the Right Piece

The selection of Native American Indian pins and pendants on is only a small sample of the larger collection in our store. But if you can’t get to Palms Trading Company or you need help finding a gift, our personal shopper service allows you to view even more Native American Indian pins and pendants without leaving your home. Contact us to tell us what you’re looking for, and we do the rest!

Once you find the right piece, keep it looking like new with our sterling silver jewelry care tips.