Storytellers: Connecting the Past and the Future

Every culture across the world has stories: stories of life and death, birth and rebirth, creation and destruction. Many of these tales are ancient, passed down from generation to generation until a written alphabet was invented, enabling the stories to be written for future generations to
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Discover the Indian Pueblo Cultural Center!

At Palms Trading Company, we are dedicated to sharing the beauty and culture of Native American Indian tribes in New Mexico. We greatly respect these cultures, their traditions and practices, and we want to help that respect and understanding
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Native American Indian Fetishes: Importance and Creation

  You may have seen them around our store—small animal figurines carved out of stone. Some have precious stone inlay, others have feathers or arrows tied to them. These beautiful, precious carvings are called fetishes and, like kachina dolls, these hand-made pieces come from a spiritually-significant form of
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Our Winner for Our Mother’s Day Jewelry Contest!

You’ve voted, and you’ve told us the story that most touched your heart. Our winner is:   Margaret N.! A “WONDERFUL”mother is easy to describe , because I have one. She is my best friend, she has nurtured me since birth and continues to encourage, love,support, and tease me.;)
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