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Laguna Pueblo Pottery at Palms Trading Company
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Laguna Pueblo Pottery at Palms Trading Company

Palms Trading Company Laguna Pueblo Pottery for Sale

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Laguna Pueblo Pottery’s Characteristic Style

Like Acoma Pueblo pottery, unpainted Laguna Pueblo pottery is a matte white (not to be confused with the milky white of ceramic pottery), although very few pieces are completely unpainted. Laguna Pueblo pottery artists use black (and sometimes brown) paints to create very intricate fine line patterns.
Larger patterns the fine lines create is one of the most notable differences in pottery styles compared to the Acoma: Laguna Pueblo artists create floral designs. Some primarily monochromatic pieces are accented with terra cotta and light blue shades commonly seen in Jemez Pueblo pottery.

Renowned Laguna Pueblo Pottery Artists

The craft of pottery making was nearly obsolete until a rebirth in the 1970s. Today, the Laguna Pueblo culture is preserved by few pottery artists, including Myron Sarracino. Sarracino favors the traditional black-on-white designs, although some of his work does include striking black-on-red patterns. Sarracino’s work is often recognized by his favored Tularosa pattern.

Laguna Pueblo Pottery at Palms Trading Company

Although there aren’t many of them, Palms Trading Company has developed relationships with pottery artists from Laguna Pueblo, and we are proud to carry their pieces as part of our American Indian pottery collection.

Most pieces of Laguna Pueblo pottery we carry is authentic and handmade. The selection on our Web site is only a sample of what’s available in our store. If you’d like to see more but can’t get to us, our personal shopper service will bring our larger selection to you! Contact us for more information.

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