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Native American Indian Bolo Ties
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Native American Indian Bolo Ties

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The History of the Bolo Tie

Manny Goodman, a New Mexican business owner, recollects Native American Indian men clasping bandanas around their neck with conchos in the 1930s as the start of bolo ties. But other sources credit Victor E. Cedarstaff, an Arizonan silversmith, with inventing bolo ties after being complimented on the “tie” his hat’s strings made around his neck.

A Native American Indian Tradition

Regardless of who invented bolo ties, they have been part of the Native American Indian silver-smithing tradition for decades. Both the bolo, the decorative clasp around the leather or braided cords, and the silver tips often demonstrate the detail and craftsmanship characteristic of Navajo Indian and Hopi Indian jewelry.

Variety of Southwestern Style Bolo Ties

Bolo ties are as different as the individuals who wear them, and the collection of Native American Indian bolo ties at Palms Trading Company displays the variety.

We carry solid sterling silver bolo ties, many with traditional Native American Indian symbols. We also have bolo ties with turquoise and other stones, some set in simple bezels, others accented by more intricate silver designs.

The Native American Indian bolo ties at Palms Trading Company show off the unique style and technique each Pueblo uses in creating their sterling silver jewelry.

Authentic, Hand-Made Native American Bolo Ties

Bolo ties are very versatile. They can be worn with any collared shirt, giving you a Southwestern look that fits any occasion. But if the Native American Indian bolo ties on aren’t quite the Southwestern look you want, you can see a wider selection of bolo ties with the help of our personal shopper service. Contact us to get started!

Once you’ve found the perfect bolo tie, keep your piece looking like new by following Palms Trading Company‘s tips for care of your sterling silver jewelry.

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