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Native American Indian Folk Art
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Native American Indian Folk Art

In terms of age, folk art is relatively new to Native American Indian art. The folk art selection at Palms Trading Company is Navajo-made, and many of our most prized figures show the playful side of Navajo Indian art.

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Navajo Indian Folk Art by Renowned Artists

The playful nature of Navajo Indian folk art doesn’t mean isn’t made by serious artists. Well known Navajo Indian artists also venture out of their usual medium to create a folk art piece every once in a while.
Bertha Wood is a Navajo artist known for her whimsical folk art kachina dolls. While she carves each piece out of cottonwood like more traditional kachinas, Wood’s dolls are often created using several pieces glued together. Her dolls, like the fisherman koshari, are a more playful take on the more solemn traditional kachinas.

Navajo Life Turned into Folk Art

Navajo folk art consists of figurines usually carved out of wood that depict Navajo life and culture. Koshare clowns and exotic and farm animals are common figures. But they’re given a playful flare with their brightly colored paints.

Some of our most popular Navajo Indian folk art pieces depict horse-drawn wagons guided by a smiling Navajo driver. Occasionally automobiles also work their way into Navajo Indian folk art, as do skeleton banditos.

Add some color and humor to your world with the addition of this modern Navajo Indian Art form!

Whether you’re looking for a bright and cheerful Southwestern accent for your home décor or searching for a unique gift, you’ll find it in Palms Trading Company‘s extensive selection of Native American Indian art.

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Our online selection of Navajo Indian folk art is only a fraction of our total array of Native American Indian pottery, jewelry and other crafts. Our personal shopper service can help you peruse our entire in-store inventory to help finding the perfect piece. Contact us to get started!

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