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The Benefits of Owning Authentic Indian Pottery
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The Benefits of Owning Authentic Indian Pottery

Purchasing authentic Native American Indian pottery is no every day home decorating decision. Genuine Native American Indian pottery is a monetary and cultural investment.

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It Enhances the Beauty of Your Home

No matter what tribe or Pueblo crafted the piece, Native American Indian pottery is beautiful. The variety of styles, shapes and designs makes it possible to find the perfect piece to accent the color scheme of any room in your home.
The soft curves and earth tones of many Native American Indian pottery pieces do not draw undue attention but seem a natural complement atop a mantel or buffet.

Native American Indian pottery adds a tasteful Southwestern flavor to your home décor.

It Enhances the Value of Your Assets

Authentic pottery is truly a work of art. Each piece that Palms Trading Company carries is handcrafted by a Southwestern Pueblo artist, so it is one-of-a-kind.

The uniqueness and the skill required to create the piece are reflected in the value of Native American Indian pottery. Adding such a piece to your collection increases the value of your assets, and the intrinsic value will last a lifetime.

It Enhances Your Connection to Native Land and People

Purchasing Native American Indian pottery is a way for you to connect with the history and cultural traditions of peoples native to this continent.

The pottery itself, made of earth clays, is art arising from the Land. The shape, designs and finishes of each piece reflect the cultural tradition of the artist. Understanding the materials and techniques characteristic of each Pueblo as well as the ceremonial or cultural significance reflected in pieces like Native American Indian wedding vases and seed pots helps you connect to the People.

Enhance Your Understanding

The knowledgeable staff at Palms Trading Company is happy to share what we know about Native American Indian pottery so that you can pick out the piece that resonates with you and best suits your home. If you have a question about any piece you see online or would like our personal shopper to show you more of our in-store collection, please contact us.

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