We’re Thankful for…

Palms Trading Company has grown and thrived in Old Town Albuquerque for over 80 years thanks to our wonderful customers. But the success of our business is just a tiny fraction of all we’re thankful for. We have taken the time to reflect on what has brought us the
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Navajo Sandpaintings

As one of the premier traders of Native American Indian art, Palms Trading Company has a selection of authentic sandpaintings (almost exclusively done by Navajo artists). These pieces are beautiful—the intricate designs and details made of colored sand are astounding, and the subject of the pictures hints at the
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Honoring Native American Indian Veterans

November 11th has long been the day set aside to recognize the contributions military veterans have made to the security and grandeur of our country. Unfortunately, because of cultural differences and military classification, some veterans have not received the recognition and honor they
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Native American Heritage Month

November is Native American Heritage Month. As one of the Southwest’s premier traders of Native American Indian art, we think it’s important to look at why we should and how we can honor and preserve the cultures and traditions of our country’s Native
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