Palms Trading Company has been part of the Albuquerque community since 1933. Our expertise in Native American Indian jewelry and authentic pottery has grown out of a direct relationship with the artists and respect for the Pueblo and other Native American communities’ ways of life.

Humble Beginnings

Old StorePalms Trading Company actually began as Palms Beer Garden, owned by the Del Frate brothers, in 1933. “The Palms” was soon an established name in the Albuquerque community, making it easy for the Del Frate brothers to expand their offerings from frosty beers, wine and spirits to include a full food market in a dance hall adjacent to the beer garden. In 1967, the beer garden and food market outgrew the space, so the family moved the business from Rio Grande Blvd and Central Ave to 15th St and Lomas, where it still operates today.

The food market served the greater Albuquerque community, including residents from the surrounding Pueblos and Reservations—Acoma, Jemez, Santo Domingo, Navajo, Santa Clara and San Ildefonso, among others. The Del Frate brothers accepted handmade jewelry and other items in exchange for the goods that their Native American Indian customers needed. By 1968, Palms Market had acquired so much jewelry that the Del Frate brothers decided to turn a back office into a Native American Indian jewelry shop of sorts.

Expanding the Trading Company

Palms trading Store TodayFor years, Palms Market operated as a true trading post, but eventually the Native American Indian arts and crafts business became so popular and took up so much of the Del Frate brothers’ time that the grocery market was closed and Palms became a full time trading company.

During this transition, the Del Frate brothers also expanded the kinds of authentic Native American Indian art they bought and sold to include Pueblo pottery and Southwest rugs. Palms Trading Company soon acquired the largest inventory of Native American Indian crafts in the world, and dealers from all over the world came to supply their own stores with fine merchandise at fair prices.

Today’s Trading Experts

Guy BergerAlthough Palms Trading Company has changed hands from the Del Frate brothers to Guy Berger, it is still a family-owned business and still internationally renowned for its genuine Native American Indian jewelry, pottery, rugs and other crafts.

Owner Guy Berger worked at Palms Trading Company for his uncles during his summer vacations as a teen and now has over 25 years of experience in buying and selling Native

American Indian art. Mr. Berger has developed relationships with many Native American artists and has been invited to special ceremonies closed to outside visitors. His unique relationship with many Native American peoples has allowed him to develop an unmatched expertise, which he has shared in his two books about Native American Indian pottery and as a guest speaker for various groups.

Together, Palms Trading Company‘s buyers have over 133 years of combined experience dealing with Native American Indian art.  Our eye for quality and our store’s fair prices are a few of the reasons merchants and individual customers choose us for their Native American Indian crafts.

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