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What Makes Acoma Pottery So Unique | Palms Trading Company What Makes Acoma Pottery So Unique | Palms Trading Company
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What Makes Acoma Pottery So Unique

Acoma pottery is some of today’s most well-known pueblo pottery, offering collectors one-of-a-kind pieces that are both functional as well as unmatched in beauty and style. Acoma Pueblo, also known as the “Sky City,” is a group of a number of small villages perched atop a sheer, white-sided mesa. Over the past several hundred years, the villagers have developed a reputation for themselves as one of the area’s leading creators of handmade pottery, practicing a tradition that’s gone unchanged for centuries.

Some of the most notable artisans include:

  • Lucy Lewis: Born circa 1898, Lewis was one of the pueblo’s foremost artisans until she passed away in 1992. Although much of the pottery prior to the 60s and 70s is unsigned, Lewis was one of the few that included a signature on the pieces she crafted. She remains one of the most famous artists because of her unique and fun designs that appeal to tourists, as well as the stringent quality she maintained throughout her career.
  • Marie Z. Chino: Often considered one of the most influential creators of Acoma pottery, Marie Chino was born in 1907 and won her first award for crafting pottery at the young age of 15. She is most famous for incorporating ancient Mimbres designs into her work and developing an unprecedented style of black-on-white fineline work that’s gone unmatched even today. Chino set the tone for many styles still being practiced to this day. She died in 1982.

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