Palms Trading Co-Authentic Native American Art & Southwestern Jewelry : Palms Trading Company has been a family-owned business serving the Albuquerque community and beyond since 1933. Learn more about how we evolved from a local market to an internationally renowned source for authentic Native American Indian arts and crafts.

About Us-Palms Trading Company : Palms Trading Company offers native American Indian pottery, jewelry, collectibles, rugs, baskets, Kachina dolls and more. For enthusiasts and serious collectors. Shop at our store or online for top American Indian artists’ work at internet prices.

Frequently Asked Questions – Palms Trading Company : Palms Trading Company strives to bring you the finest selection of Native American Indian jewelry, pottery and art as well as the best customer service. And we start by answering some of our customers’ most frequently asked questions.

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Quality Native American Indian Pottery, Jewelry & Art : Palms Trading Company carries one of the most complete selections of Native American Indian pottery, jewelry and art. Our selection is of the highest quality, demonstrating traditional craftsmanship and styles perfect for accenting your own.

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Palms Trading | Native American Indian Scholarship : Palms Trading Company’s Pueblo Scholarship helps promising Native American Indian students achieve their higher education goals…and you can help! Find out how to donate online or in-store!

Native American Indian Pottery, Jewelry, Collectibles, Rugs, Baskets : Palms Trading Company offers native American Indian pottery, jewelry, collectibles, rugs, baskets, Kachina dolls and more. For enthusiasts and serious collectors. Shop at our store or online for top American Indian artists’ work at internet prices.

Palms Trading Company – Store Layout & Information : Experience the magic of Southwest art at Palms Trading Company! We want you to be completely satisfied with your purchase. Find out more about how to navigate our store and our return policy here.

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Personal Shopper-Native American Indian Art and Jewelry : Palms Trading Company has the perfect gift for everyone…and we’ll help you find it. Personal shopper service is available at no additional cost and with no obligation. Just tell us what you’re looking for, and we’ll do the rest!

Why Use a Personal Shopper? Native American Jewelry & Art : Convenience and an unmatched customer service experience are some of the reasons you should use Palms Trading Company’s personal shopper service! Contact us to get started today!

Native American Indian Jewelry – Southwestern Indian Jewelry : The Native American Indian jewelry collection at Palms Trading Company is all handmade, unique and reflects the diversity of Southwestern culture. Shop online, in our store or let our personal shopper help you select a Native American Indian jewelry piece that fits your style.

Native American Indian Belt Buckles & Concho Belts : Palms Trading Company has a fine selection of Western-style belt buckles and conchos. All pieces are sterling silver and hand-stamped by Native American Indian artists. Find the perfect belt buckles and conchos online or let our personal shopper help!

Native American Indian Bolo Ties-Southwestern Bolo Ties : Nothing says “Southwestern” like bolo ties. Palms Trading Company has a wide selection of sterling silver authentic Native American Indian bolo ties to add a Southwestern flare that fits any occasion. Contact us to get help from our personal shopper service.

Native American Indian Bracelets : The Native American Indian bracelets at Palms Trading Company showcase the wide variety of silver casting techniques, finishes and stones in an array of designs and styles. Find one that’s right for you, or let our personal shopper help!

Native American Earrings – Indian Earrings : Native American Indian earrings display a wide variety in styles, shapes and designs. Palms Trading Company carries sterling silver with brushed and oxidized silver finishes with and without stones. We have the perfect pair for you. We can even help you find it! Contact us.

Native American Indian Necklace-Squash Blossom : Palms Trading Company has a stunning collection of sterling silver and heishi Native American Indian necklaces, including traditional squash blossom necklaces. Contact us with questions or help from our personal shopper.

Native American Indian Pins & Pendants – Authentic Jewelry : Native American Indian pins and pendants are beautiful and versatile. Palms Trading Company carries a large selection of authentic Native American Indian pins and pendants…and our personal shopper can help you find the perfect one for you!

Native American Rings : The Native American Indian rings at Palms Trading Company are 100% authentic—handmade by Navajo, Hopi, Santo Domingo and Zuni artists. Our rings are also affordable. Find the perfect size and adorn your fingers with a Southwestern flare.

Navajo Indian Jewelry – Navajo Sterling Silver Jewelry : Navajo Indians are known for their silver and turquoise jewelry around the world. Palms Trading Company buys jewelry directly from such noted Navajo artists as Vince Platero, Peter Johnson and Alex Sanchez. Since there’s no middleman distributor, we can offer it to you at low prices.

Hopi Indian Jewelry – Native American Hopi Jewelry : Hopi Indian jewelry is characterized by its detailed, three-dimensional overlay and use of traditional symbols. Palms Trading Company buys Hopi Indian jewelry directly from Hopi artists, so we can offer it to you for 50% below retail.

Santo Domingo Jewelry : Santo Domingo Pueblo jewelry is best known for its heishi necklaces and slab stone jewelry, but two more prominent artists work in precious metals. Palms Trading Company carries a fine selection of Santo Domingo Pueblo jewelry bought directly from the artists.

Zuni Indian Jewelry – Zuni Turquoise Jewelry – Zuni Inlaid Jewelry : Zuni American Indian jewelry artists are known for their intricate stone work—needlepoint and inlays. Palms Trading Company buys directly from Zuni artists, so every piece is authentic, unique and available 50% below suggested retail price.

Modern Jewelry Trends | Native American Jewelry Artists : Modern jewelry trends point to Native American Indian jewelry as the way to update your jewelry wardrobe. The colors, the preferred accessories and popular designs can all be found in the Native American Indian jewelry collection at Palms Trading Company.

Common Stones – Fine Gem Stone Jewelry – Native American Jewelry : Many fine gemstones are used in Native American Indian jewelry, and many of them have special properties. If you want to learn more about the beads and stones used in our jewelry collection or need help finding a particular piece, contact Palms Trading Company.

Southwestern Indian Silver Jewelry – Techniques & Finishes : The Native American Indian silver jewelry at Palms Trading Company showcases the varied casting and finishing techniques used to create each nation’s unique silverwork.

Sterling Silver Care – Silver Jewelry Care : You can take care of your sterling silver jewelry at home if you know the right methods. Follow these tips for inexpensive cleaning that doesn’t damage your sterling silver or the stones in your Native American Indian jewelry.

Native American Indian Turquoise Jewelry : Native American Indian jewelry has popularized turquoise, including matrixed stones. For use in jewelry, turquoise undergoes treatments to improve its durability and understanding these treatments is important when purchasing Southwestern turquoise jewelry.

New Mexico Indian Jewelry : Some jewelry is unique to New Mexico. Santo Domingo Pueblo jewelry, the bolo tie and the squash blossom necklace put New Mexico on the map. But you don’t have to be in New Mexico to add Native American Indian jewelry collection. You can shop Palms Trading Company online!

Native American Pottery – Indian Pottery : Palms Trading Company carries a wide variety of authentic and ceramic Native American Indian pottery made by artists in New Mexico’s Pueblos and throughout the Southwest. Many pieces in our store and all pieces on this site are hand coiled and painted and finished using traditional techniques. Shop in our store, online or use our personal shopper service to begin or build your collection.

American Indian Pottery | Pueblo Indian Pottery : The pottery at Palms Trading Company is authentic—handmade by Native American Indian artists from the Navajo and Hopi tribes and several New Mexico Pueblos. We buy directly from the artist and know what to look for to ensure our pottery is authentic.

Benefits of Owning Authentic Indian Pottery : There are many benefits to owning authentic Native American Indian pottery. Palms Trading Company is happy to help you understand the significance and value of each piece in our collection so that you can fully enjoy the benefits and the magic of Southwest art.

Contemporary Native American Indian Pottery & Artists : Contemporary Native American Indian pottery may use traditional symbols and patterns, but these pieces deviate significantly in shape and purpose. Palms Trading Company carries contemporary Native American Indian pottery from notable artists from several Southwestern Pueblos.

Acoma Pueblo Pottery – Acoma Indian Pottery : Geometric designs and olla-shaped vessels are characteristic of Acoma Pueblo pottery. Authentic Acoma Pueblo pottery is available online and in Palms Trading Company store.

Hopi Indian Pottery-Hopi Indian Art : The importance of agriculture to the Hopi Indians is evident in their pottery art. Made famous by Nampeyo and Frog Woman, Hopi Indian pottery art continues to thrive. Palms Trading Company has a fine selection of Hopi Indian pieces to enhance the beauty of your home.

Jemez Pueblo Pottery – Jemez Indian Pottery : Handmade pottery from Jemez Pueblo artists has undergone a dramatic evolution over the centuries, and today’s most notable Jemez artists continue the tradition of deviating from tradition. Palms Trading Company carries a fine selection of traditional and contemporary Jemez Pueblo pottery.

Laguna Pueblo Pottery – American Indian Pottery : Laguna Pueblo is the “twin” of Acoma Pueblo, and the similarities between the two cultures is evident in the characteristic styles and designs. Few Laguna Pueblo pottery artists carry on the tradition, but Palms Trading Company is proud to represent this Nation in our store.

Mata Ortiz Pottery for Sale – Mata Ortiz Artists : Mata Ortiz artists revived an ancient pottery tradition in Chihuahua, Mexico. Similar to Native American Indian pottery in many ways, Mata Ortiz artists’ innovation has led to the development of a more brightly-colored pottery unlike any other. Palms Trading Company carries a fine selection of pieces by Mata Ortiz pottery artists.

Navajo Indian Pottery – Navajo Horsehair Pottery : The Navajo Indian tribe learned the art of pottery making from their Pueblo neighbors and have since developed a distinctive, colorful yet very diverse style. Explore Navajo Indian pottery and the Southwestern style at Palms Trading Company.

San Ildefonso Pottery – Maria Martinez Black Pottery : San Ildefonso Pueblo pottery artist Maria Martinez revived her pueblo through her interest in traditional pottery-making. Today, many San Ildefonso Pueblo pottery artists are her descendants, and Palms Trading Company carries a fine selection of their work.

Santa Clara Pottery – Santa Clara Indian Pottery : Santa Clara Pueblo pottery is similar to its neighbor’s—the San Ildefonso black-on-black, but Santa Clara artists have distinguished themselves with their intricate etched, carved or sgraffito designs. Palms Trading Company carries a fine selection of authentic Santa Clara Pueblo pottery.

Santo Domingo Pueblo Pottery : Like its jewelry, Santo Domingo Pueblo pottery reflects an adherence to ancient traditions. But the simple patterns belie a very complicated painting technique unique to this pueblo. Palms Trading Company carries a fine collection of Santo Domingo Pueblo pottery art.

Indian Seed Pots – Native American Seed Pottery : Native American seed pots have a long history in Southwest Native American culture. If you would like to purchase of these unique examples of pottery, come visit Palms Trading Company to find the perfect seed pot for your collection!

Southwestern Style Pottery – Southwestern Indian Pottery : When you purchase a piece of Native American Indian Pottery, you are purchasing a one-of-a-kind art piece with a connection to the long history and cultural traditions of the Southwest. Come find what you are for at Palms Trading Company today!

Native American Indian Pottery Designs & Styles : A quick guide to the various Native American Indian pottery styles and designs. If you have questions or want to see more of a particular style, please contact Palms Trading Company.

American Indian Pottery – Unique Indian Pottery Designs : Native American Indian pottery is unique to a place and people. Each piece in the collection at Palms Trading Company is unique because it is handmade. Explore the cultural diversity and richness in Native American Indian pottery and add a truly unique piece to your home.

Indian Wedding Vase – Native American Wedding Vases : Native American Indian wedding vases have been an important part of the traditional marriage ceremony for decades. Palms Trading Company carries a selection of wedding vases from many different Southwestern Pueblo pottery traditions.

Zia Pottery-Zia Pueblo Indian Pottery : Zia Pueblo pottery is unique because of its color and oft-used trademark sun symbol. Palms Trading Company carries a selection of Zia Pueblo pottery that displays its unique color and patterns.

Zuni Indian Pottery-Zuni Pueblo Pottery Artists : Zuni Pueblo pottery is often recognized by the lizard and heartline deer motifs, but Zuni pottery incorporates other imagery that suggests the importance of water to pueblo life. Palms Trading Company carries a fine selection of Zuni Pueblo pottery online and in our store.

Native American Kachina Dolls-American Indian Kachina Dolls : Native American Indian kachina dolls are believed to be spirits of Hopi ancestors represented in carved cottonwood dolls. These dolls are sacred to the Hopi people and sought after by collectors everywhere. Palms Trading Company carries many Hopi and Navajo kachina dolls.

Native American Indian Baskets – Wedding Baskets : Native American Indian Baskets are some of the oldest forms of Native American craft. If you’re looking to purchase one of these superb examples of basket weaving, Palms Trading Company is where you’ll find it.

Native American Collectibles – Indian Art Collectibles : Palms Trading Company is a trusted source of Native American Indian art collectibles. We are also a resource for education about Native American Indian art collectibles. Let us help you build and better appreciate your own personal collection.

Native American Indian Rugs – Authentic Navajo Indian Rugs : Traditional Navajo Indian rugs are handcrafted works of art that can fit in to any collection. The Palms Trading Company carries a wide variety of rugs that incorporate the customary practices of the southwest tribes. Can’t find what you’re looking for on our website? Contact us about our personal shopping service!

Native American Indian Art Books : The books at Palms Trading Company are an excellent addition to any collection. We carry reference books, biographies, and informational guides to Native American Art. Contact us today to get started!

Indian Folk Art – Navajo & Southwestern Indian Folk Art : Add some color and humor to your world with the addition of Navajo folk art! Whether you’re looking for a cheerful southwest Indian accent to your home or searching for a unique gift, you can find it at Palms Trading Company.

Indian Storyteller Dolls & Native American Storyteller Figurines : Native American Indian storyteller dolls represent the importance of the oral tradition to Pueblo peoples. Palms Trading Company carries traditional and whimsical storyteller figurines created by artists from various Southwestern Pueblos.

Native American Fetishes – Carved Stone Indian Fetish : Traditionally, Native American Indian stone fetishes are believed to have special powers to assist one through some kind of challenge. Whether or not you believe in their powers, they are a unique form of Native American Indian art, and Palms Trading Company has a fine selection from many Southwestern Pueblo artists.

Meaning of Native American Fetishes – Zuni Fetish Meaning : Carved stone animal fetishes are believed to bring protection or guidance to a person in need of help. Many animals have similar meanings among the Southwestern Pueblo peoples. Find the stone animal fetish whose meaning resonates with you at Palms Trading Company.

Wholesale Native American Indian Art & Jewelry : Palms Trading Company serves the retail trade by providing wholesale prices on our selection of Native American Indian art. Contact us to see how we can meet your needs.

Why Choose Palms Trading Company – Native American Art & Jewelry : Palms Trading Company offers a large selection, guaranteed authenticity and fair prices for all kinds of Native American Indian art. Our knowledgeable staff is happy to answer your questions and help you find the perfect piece to fit your Southwestern style.

Native American Indian Artists – Palms Trading Co. : Palms Trading Company has extensive knowledge of the Native American Indian artists whose work we carry because of the personal relationships we’ve developed over the years. If you have questions about a particular artist or piece, please ask!

Native American Indian Jewelry-Authentic Antique Indian Jewelry : Our expertise and personal relationships with Native American Indian artists ensure that our jewelry is 100% authentic. But if you find a piece you like elsewhere, Palms Trading Company offers some tips to evaluate a piece’s quality on your own.

Turquoise Bracelets-Southwestern Indian Turquoise Jewelry : Palms Trading Company has a large variety of Native American Indian turquoise jewelry. Our bracelets showcase the variety of authentic stones and the creativity of each Pueblo’s jewelry artists. Explore our selection of silver and turquoise bracelets online or in our store with the help of our personal shopper.

Turquoise Earrings – Southwestern Earrings & Indian Jewelry : Authentic Native American Indian turquoise earrings are the perfect jewelry to bring out your facial features! The selection at Palms Trading Company contains only genuine pieces made of the finest materials. Let our personal shopper help you find the perfect pair!

Turquoise Necklaces – Native American Indian Necklaces : Explore the diversity of natural turquoise stones and Southwest Pueblo artistic traditions seen in Native American Indian turquoise necklaces. Palms Trading Company has a large selection of guaranteed authentic silver and turquoise necklaces to give your jewelry collection a Southwestern flavor!

Turquoise Rings – Native American & Indian Turquoise Rings : Think outside your jewelry box! Give your collection a splash of Southwest color with Native American Indian turquoise rings. Palms Trading Company has a large selection of quality handmade turquoise rings, and our personal shopper can show you even more from our in-store collection!

American Indian Pottery & Artwork : Introduce the simple beauty of Southwestern home décor into your home with the addition of Native American Indian pottery. Palms Trading Company has a large selection of genuine handmade pots and the expertise to help you care for and insure your investments.

Kachina Dolls-Hopi-Native American Indian Kachina Dolls : Palms Trading Company carries a large selection of genuine, handmade Hopi, Zuni and Navajo kachina dolls. Occasionally, we also acquire rare Native American Indian kachina dolls. Contact us for help from our personal shopper to find a unique kachina doll for your collection.

Kachina Dolls – Hopi Indian Kachina Dolls : Originally intended to teach cultural values and skills to Hopi children, kachina doll carvers started creating their art for buyers in the early 1900s. Palms Trading Company has a fine selection of authentic Hopi kachina dolls to help bring the magic of Southwest art to your family.

Kachina Dolls-Navajo Kachina Dolls-Kachina Navajo : Navajo kachina dolls reflect the Navajo people’s adaptability and acceptance of other Pueblo cultures’ ways of life, beliefs and art. Palms Trading Company carries a fine selection of authentic Navajo kachina dolls that showcases artists’ serious and whimsical takes on the traditional Hopi art form.

Kachina Doll Stories, Information & History : Learn more about the stories and history behind the most common Native American Indian kachina dolls for sale. If you would like more information about a particular figure, or are looking for a specific kachina doll, please contact Palms Trading Company.

Native American Collectibles-Authentic Native American Indian Art : Palms Trading Company carries authentic collectible Native American Indian art, but not every shop does. Know how to distinguish between authentic collectibles and replica pieces so that the cost of your investment truly reflects its value.

Rare & Collectible Native American Art : Rare Native American Indian collectibles are a special class of art reserved for extremely rare and/or old pieces. Palms Trading Company does have some rare Native American Indian pottery art, and our personal shopper can let you know when we acquire new arrivals!

Southwestern Home Décor-Native American Indian Collectibles : Southwestern home décor is hallmarked by an earth-toned color scheme and patterns and symbols of the Southwestern Pueblo peoples. Native American Indian collectibles from Palms Trading Company are the perfect way to introduce Southwestern home décor into your home!

Authentic Navajo Indian Rugs – Native American Rugs : Authentic Navajo rugs are a beautiful addition to any Southwest décor. Palms Trading Company has a fine selection of hand-woven Native American Indian rugs, and our knowledgeable staff is happy to help you properly care for and preserve the beauty of your Southwestern rug.

Acoma Storytellers-Native American Indian Storytellers : Acoma tribe storytellers are handcrafted in the pottery tradition of this Native American Indian Pueblo. Palms Trading Company carries a selection of authentic storytellers from Acoma and other Southwestern Pueblos.

Authentic Storytellers-Native American Indian Storytellers : Palms Trading Company carries a selection of authentic, handmade Native American Indian storytellers. Each a unique work of art, our storytellers preserve the artistic and oral traditions of several Southwestern Pueblos nations.

Cochiti Tribe Storytellers-Native American Indian Storytellers : Native American Indian storytellers are a creation of the Cochiti tribe. Palms Trading Company carries a limited selection of authentic, handcrafted Cochiti tribe storytellers online, and our personal shopper service can help you explore our larger in-store collection.

Isleta Tribe Handcrafted Storytellers-Isleta Indian Storyteller : Isleta tribe storytellers are part of a pottery tradition undergoing revival. Palms Trading Company carries authentic storytellers from the Isleta and other Native American Indian Pueblos in the Southwest.

Jemez Storytellers-Native American Indian Storytellers : The styles of Native American Indian storytellers by Jemez artists are quite varied. From traditional male and female storytellers to koshari clowns and seasonal elves, Palms Trading Company carries a range of authentic, handcrafted storytellers to add to your collection.

Navajo Storyteller Dolls – Native American Storytellers : Navajo storytellers, like pottery from this tribe’s tradition, borrow features from storytellers created by other Pueblos. However, Navajo storytellers often have the most detailed and unique adornment. Explore our online and in-store collection with the help of Palms Trading Company’s personal shopper.

Isleta Tribe Fetishes – Stone Carved Isleta Indian Fetishes : Isleta tribe carved stone fetishes are often very detailed and highly decorated. Palms Trading Company carries a fine selection of authentic Native American Indian fetishes. To see more, contact us to use our personal shopper service!

Navajo Fetish – Stone Carved Fetishes : Navajo tribe stone fetishes are most animals, carved with varying amounts of detail. The collection of authentic Native American Indian carved stone figures at Palms Trading Company includes fetishes by renowned Navajo artist Stewart Alonzo.

Zuni Fetish – Zuni Indian Fetishes Carvings : Zuni tribe stone fetishes are typically very detailed and available in an array of animals and stones. Palms Trading Company has a fine selection of Native American Indian stone fetishes from prolific Zuni artists and others.

Stones used for Collectible Carved Sculptures & Indian Fetishes : The energetic properties of some stones enhance the power “captured” in a Native American Indian stone fetish. Learn more about the stones used in these sculptures and collectibles, then explore the selection of Isleta, Navajo and Zuni fetishes at Palms Trading Company!

Privacy Policy Information-Palms Trading Company : Palms Trading Company’s products and services incorporates a privacy policy from information collected from it’s users of their website. If you need more information regarding this policy contact Palms Trading Company today!

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