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Jemez Wilma Baca Etched Traditional Wedding Vase

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Jemez Wilma Baca Etched Traditional Wedding Vase


Artist: Wilma Baca

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Elegant, traditional and beautiful are some of the many works that come to mind when one is viewing a Wilma Baca piece. This wedding vase is no exception to this as it illustrates the talent and true craftsmanship of a well known and seasoned potter. The wedding vase has been used in the pueblos for many years as a lovely symbol of union. Used during the ceremony, the wedding vase is filled with blessed water and both the parties being united, drink fro either spout to symbolize the coming together of two families. This vase is beautifully polished and magnificently etched with many traditional geometric designs as well as Wilma’s signature star burst that covers the majority of the vessel. 11 1/2” tall x 5 1/2” wide


**Disclaimer** These unglazed vessels cannot hold water for long periods of time without sustaining damage and are not designed for ceremonial use.