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Navajo Harrison Jones First Mesa Kachina
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Navajo First Mesa Kachina by Harrison Jones

Navajo Harrison Jones First Mesa Kachina


Artist: Harrison Jones

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First Mesa Kachina is said to encourage growth in crops, particularly corn.  This rendition by Navajo carver Harrison Jones is made of cottonwood and set on a pine base, and features various vibrant colors and other adornment.  The head is painted turquoise, with black eyes, and is bordered on each side by a large, white tableta, which is painted with sun and cloud/rain/lightning patterns.  These, of course, speak to the encouragement in growth of crops.  The remainder of the body is painted black and white, and the kachina holds a black feather in each hand.  Its neck and the top of its head feature brown fur, while the lower half of the body is covered in black and brown leather. 8 3/8″ tall x 4 3/4″ wide.

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