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Navajo Arvin Morris White Ogre Kachina
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Navajo White Ogre Kachina by Arvin Morris

Navajo Arvin Morris White Ogre Kachina


Artist: Arvin Morris

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Navajo carver Arvin Morris created this White Ogre Kachina in the traditional style, utilizing leather and feather adornments and bright paint.  The piece, standing on one foot, is made of cottonwood, and features a white face with black accents and a red, black and white mouth.  A horn protrudes from each side of the head, painted black and turquoise, while brown and tan feathers extend from the top of the back of the head, and white feathers surround the neck.  Blue, brown and white leather accents each arm, and the ogre holds a rattle in one hand, and a feather in the other.  Its body is painted brown, white, and black, and its lower half is covered in leather painted in brown, red, turquoise, and black.  Brown leather accents its legs, while turquoise leather accents its turquoise ankles and feet, and the piece is finished with shells hanging from the neck on tan leather. 11″ tall x 6″ wide.

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