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Hopi Jefferson James (Nuva Hongnaya) “Kachin Mana” Kachina
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Hopi Kachin Mana (Kachina Maiden/Corn Maiden) Kachina by Jefferson James

Hopi Jefferson James (Nuva Hongnaya) “Kachin Mana” Kachina


Artist: Jefferson James (Nuva Hongnaya)

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“Kachin Mana,” which translates to “Kachina Maiden,” or “Corn Maiden” is one of the quintessential kachina representations in Hopi culture.  Corn, a significant crop in many Native American cultures, is often best represented in the Corn Maiden, who is said to purify women who grind corn for ceremonies.  This iteration, carved in a single piece from cottonwood root, was made by Hopi carver Jefferson James, or “Nuva Hongnaya.”  The craftsmanship is absolutely stunning, the maiden extending far upward, standing atop a platform featuring brightly painted flowers in red, white, yellow, and turquoise.  The maiden holds a harvest basket, painted with four ears of corn in yellow, white, red, and green, while traditonal garb adorns her body, painted in various bright colors.  Feathers rest just below he maiden’s face, with one along her forehead, her front side more intricately carved and detailed than her back. 14 1/2″ tall x 3″ wide.

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