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Navajo Wolf Kachina Doll - Palms Trading Company
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Navajo Wolf Kachina Doll

Navajo Wolf Kachina Doll


Artist: Unknown

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Depicting a wolf, this Navajo kachina doll features a round base, atop which stands the figurine, accented in fur, leather and multi-colored paint.  The wolf stands with both arms bent and lifted, its head and neck covered in white fur.  Its ears are painted grey and red, while its wrist showcases black and white polka dots.  Brown leather is slung around one shoulder, while red leather is wrapped around the waist, leading to a white leather garment painted in black and red.  The wolf’s body is painted grey with black and white polka dots, and its moccasins are yellow and white. The wolf kachina is a hunter who uses his knowledge to find and capture game animals.  8″ tall x 3″ wide.

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