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Hopi Stetson Setalla Harvest Pattern Plate - Palms Trading Company
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Hopi Stetson Setalla Harvest Pattern Plate

Hopi Stetson Setalla Harvest Pattern Plate


Artist: Setson Setalla


Displaying beautiful coloring associated with Hopi pottery, this plate by potter Stetson Setalla features patterns that combine to represent the harvest.  The center of the plate is divided into four sections, each featuring a different pattern: one, with rain watering corn, another, to its right, featuring a wave design, and the two on the bottom showcasing seeds and fine lines symbolizing rain.  This center of four panels is bordered by red half moon designs, followed by black scallops that complete a circle.  The indentations of these scallops, which can also be interpreted as mounds, showcase dots painted in red.  5 5/8″ diameter.  Comes with stand. 6 1/2″ tall with stand.