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Hopi/Laguna Ray Jose Eagle Kachina Doll
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Hopi/Laguna Ray Jose Eagle Kachina Doll

Hopi/Laguna Ray Jose Eagle Kachina Doll


Artist: Ray Jose

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Intricately and expertly carved by hand, this incredible Eagle kachina doll was created by Hopi/Laguna artist Ray Jose.  The piece stands on a round cottonwood root base, wings outstretched and head tilted upward toward the sky.  The Eagle is brilliantly painted in bright red accents along the top of the wings and sides of the head, as well as along the sash tied around its waist.  Detailed feathers are carved along the wings and atop the head, the eagle’s face painted turquoise and black, its yellow and black beak outstretched from the face.  It is finished with a turquoise, red and white painted necklace, while the clothing covering its bottom half features red, green, black, and white designs.  Additional feathers are carved along its back, extending downward from the waist. The Eagle kachina is said to represent strength nnd power. He is the ruler of the sky and the messenger to the heavens.13″ tall x 15 3/4″ wide x 5″ deep.

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