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Hopi/Laguna Ray Jose Crow Man Kachina Doll | Palms Trading Company
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Hopi/Laguna Ray Jose Crow Man Kachina Doll

Hopi/Laguna Ray Jose Crow Man Kachina Doll


Artist: Ray Jose

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Entirely carved by hand, this incredibly detailed Crow Man Kachina doll was created by Hopi/Laguna artist Ray Jose.  The Crow Man stands atop a wooden base, a wooden ladder rising behind him, large feathers painted in black protruding outward and upward from each side of his head, which is painted in black and blue.  A beak extends outward from the face, while feathers surround the neck.  A rope is draped around Crow Man’s shoulders, attached to the bundle he is carrying on his back, and his clothing is beautifully painted in purple, green red, and black.  Crow Man is said to be one of the warriors who make war on the clowns during the Plaza Dances. He comes to threaten the clowns for their non-Hopi behavior, appearing again and again until finally he and others who have the same function descend upon the clowns and thoroughly chastise them.  9 1/2″ tall x 5″ wide.

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