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Hopi Jocelyn Vote Sunface Kachina Doll - Palms Trading Company
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Hopi Jocelyn Vote Sunface Kachina Doll

Hopi Jocelyn Vote Sunface Kachina Doll


Artist: Jocelyn Vote

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Hand carved by now deceased Hopi artist Jocelyn Vote, one of only a handful of women carvers, this stunning kachina doll depicts a traditional Sunface.  The piece, carved from a single piece of cottonwood root, features a mostly oval base, standing upon which is the Sunface, one leg off the base and appearing to step forward, one arm by its side and the other slightly out front, creating movement.  The face, painted in turquoise, black, red, and white, is surrounded by hand-carved, intricate feathers, while the body is accented in the same colors and also includes green and yellow.  The Sunface holds a flower in one and and a rattle in the other, and in Hopi culture, represents warmth, shelter for the old, bright future, and playfulness for the young.  10 1/4″ tall x 3 1/2″ wide x 2 5/8″ deep.

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