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Hopi Jocelyn Vote "Kwikwilyaka" (Mocking/Imposter) Kachina Doll - Palms Trading Company
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Hopi Jocelyn Vote “Kwikwilyaka” (Mocking/Imposter) Kachina Doll

Hopi Jocelyn Vote “Kwikwilyaka” (Mocking/Imposter) Kachina Doll


Artist: Jocelyn Vote

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Kwikwilyaka, the mocking and imposter kachina, is a clown said to have little personality of his own, but fastens like a leech onto anything or anyone that catches his eye.  Here, he is depicted in a carving by late Hopi artist and one of only a handful of female carvers, Jocelyn Vote, with a mostly black face, cylindrical eyes and mouth protruding outward and painted with white bands, while a bundle of cedar bark is attached to his head as hair.  He’s carved with a ragtag costume, one shoe on and one off, a brown vest over his otherwise bare upper half.  He hold a rattle in one hand and a stick in the other with what appears to be a shell tied around one leg just above his knee.  8 1/2″ tall x 3 1/4″ wide x 2 1/2″ deep.

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