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Hopi "Ahi" (Rattle) Kachina Doll
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Hopi “Ahi” (Rattle) Kachina Doll

Hopi “Ahi” (Rattle) Kachina Doll


Artist: P. Valencia

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Depicting the “Ahi”, or Rattle, Kachina, this beautiful hand carved piece also showcases a Pueblo scene within the body.  The piece is carved with four delicate and colorful feathers atop its turquoise head, with layers of feathers extending down from the neck and atop a green, white and black accented shawl that drapes over the Kachina’s central Pueblo scene.  The scene features three tiers and is painted brown and black, with feather patterns painted on the base below the bottom tier.  The Ahi stands atop a round base, also painted with additional patterns in red, black and white.

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