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Navajo Hoop Dancer Kachina Doll - Palms Trading Company
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Navajo Hoop Dancer Kachina Doll

Navajo Hoop Dancer Kachina Doll


Artist: B. Dayish

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Predominantly brown and red in color and featuring turquoise and black accents, this traditional Navajo kachina depicts a Hoop Dancer.  The dancer is wide eyed and open mouthed, feathers protruding from the top of his head and black fur covering his head.  A turquoise heishi necklace is placed around his neck, while additional brown feather and red fur accents are set upon his arms and waist.  Red leather covers his bottom half, painted in turquoise and black, while brown leather and bells are tied around his ankles.  The dancer is finished with four wooden hoops, all connected to one another, with one atop his arm, two out in front of him, and one around his foot.  The Hoop Dancer muses the audience of a major ceremony, and his rings (hoops) represent the circle of life. 12″ tall x 6″ wide.

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