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Navajo Harrison Jones Antelope Kachina
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Navajo Antelope Kachina by Harrison Jones

Navajo Harrison Jones Antelope Kachina


Artist: Harrison Jones

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Navajo carver Harrison Jones carved this colorful Antelope kachina out of cottonwood and set the piece on a round, pine base.  The Antelope Kachina, said to dance to increase numbers of its own kind and bring rain, is displayed here with a white, black, and red face and body, the lower half of which is covered in green and grey leather.  The grey leather is painted colorfully in black, yellow, red, and turquoise, while green leather surrounds the ankles, waist, and wrists.  The piece is finished with black feathers in each hand, as well as black/white fur atop the head and surrounding the neck. 8 1/4″ tall x 4″ wide.

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