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Navajo Arvin Morris Ogre Kachina
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A Navajo Ogre Kachina by Arvin Morris featuring feathers and leather

Navajo Arvin Morris Ogre Kachina


Artist: Arvin Morris

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Created in traditional Navajo style, this Ogre Kachina by carver Arvin Morris features decorative feathers and leather.  The Ogre, said to be a disciplinarian, features a black, white and red face and a body painted in brown and white.  He is covered with feathers atop the head and around the neck, and holds leather in one arm and a rattle in the other.  Decorative leather also covers his lower half, is draped across his body, and is tied around his arms and wrists.  11″ tall x 5 1/2″ wide.

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