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Hopi Wilmer Kaye Shalako Kachina

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Hopi Wilmer Kaye Shalako Kachina


Artist: Wilmer Kaye

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The Shalako is Zuni traditional dance done at the winter Solstice as a way to pay homage for good crops and pray for continued fertility to the land. The physical embodiment of the Shalako is hosted by new family of the pueblo each year which is considered to be the highest honor. The festivities are viewed and overseen by members of Zuni only, though the image of the Shalako is depicted in kachinas and other medium for all to know the grace of the fertility deity. This beautiful rendition of the Shalako was carved from cottonwood root by very well known, award winning carver, Wilmer Kaye. The piece is brightly colored (unlike most kachinas) to match the accurate depiction of the traditional figure. It is wonderfully carved with tremendous detail including the rows of individual feathers that make up the long robes of the figure. 8 1/2” tableta x 18 1/2” tall x 3” wide