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Hopi Wayland Namingha Horned Owl Kachina - Palms Trading Company
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Hopi Wayland Namingha Horned Owl Kachina

Hopi Wayland Namingha Horned Owl Kachina


Artist: Wayland Namingha

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Carved entirely of cottonwood root, this stunning piece by Hopi carver Wayland Namingha showcases a horned owl. The owl, said to symbolize intelligence and wisdom, as well as known for its benefit to agriculture due to its destruction of rodents, is depicted beautifully and colorfully in this stunning work of art.  The piece features an intricately carved head, exhibiting verty detailed feathers along the sides of and atop the owl’s head, which features both yellow eyes and beak.  A turquoise necklace is carved around the owl’s neck, and it is draped in a cream colored, carved cloth.  The owl’s bottom half is covered with a carved piece that looks strikingly like leather, along with its carved moccassins, and adornments along one arm.  The piece surrounding its bottom half is painted in brown, white, green, and red in geometric designs, while carved bracelets painted turquoise cover each wrist.  The piece is finished with carved sticks in each hand, painted green, black, and cream.  12″ tall x 4 3/4″ wide.

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