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Hopi Watson Namoki Homahtoi "Angry" Kachina Doll - Palms Trading Company
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Hopi Watson Namoki Homahtoi “Angry” Kachina Doll

Hopi Watson Namoki Homahtoi “Angry” Kachina Doll


Artist: Watson Namoki

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Homahtoi is a Zuni name, and he is presumed to have been introduced to the Hopis from that Pueblo.  He is one of the many Ichiwo, or angry kachinas, and is not a common kachina.  This iteration, by Hopi carver Watson Namoki, is carved entirely from a single piece of cottonwood root and showcases incredible detail.  The head of the kachina, painted turquoise, red, white, and yellow, showcases bulging eyes and a closed, protruding mouth.  Its head is topped with and backed by several detailed black and white feathers, with protrusions in red and turquoise from each side of the head.  Homahtoi’s body is painted in red and yellow, and he holds a rattle in one hand and a bow in the other, while his lower body is covered in white “leather” (actually carved from cottonwood root) painted in green, red, and black accents.  His feet appear to be in forward motion, his shoes painted in turquoise, red, and black, while additional accents surround his neck and wrists in the form of a turquoise and coral necklace, a turquoise bracelet, and an arm band painted in black, purple, turquoise, and red.  10 1/4″ tall x 3 1/2″ wide.



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