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Hopi Ronald Honani Hemsona (Hair Cutter) Kachina

Hopi Ronald Honani Hemsona (Hair Cutter) Kachina


Artist: Ronald Honanie

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The Hemsona, or Hair Cutter Kachina, is a runner kachina who participates in races, and when he beats a challenger, he grabs him, holds him to the ground, and cuts off a knot of his hair. It follows, then, that he races with a pair of shears, scissors, or a knife in his hand. This iteration, by Hopi carver Ronald Honani, features a knife in one hand and cut hair in the other.  It is carved entirely of one piece of cottonwood root and showcases extremely intricate details, such as feathers atop its head, fur around its neck, and beautifully life-like leather cover and sash around its waist, which are painted white, green, black, brown, and red.  The kachina showcases weather patterns along the chest, and stands atop a round base.  10″ tall x 4 1/2″ wide.

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