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Hopi Fleix W. Y. Crow Mother Kachina

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Hopi Crow Mother Kachina

Hopi Fleix W. Y. Crow Mother Kachina


Artist: (Signed) Flelix W.Y.

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The Hopi crow mother is one of the most honored and intriguing figures in the Hopi tradition. She is known to be the only female figure allowed in the kiva at the male right of passage. Her job; to supply the yucca reed to the Tüngwups in order initiate each new member with a strike. The Crow mother is one of the more recognized kachinas with a large headdress and traditional cloak. She cary’s her green blades and is otherwise fashioned in simplistic garb. Though she is often compared to the owl as a disciplinarian, the crow mother has a more substantial role in the upbringing of new pueblo members. This kachina is beautifully carved from cottonwood root and subtly painted to match the traditional description of the figure. 10” tall x 2” wide