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Zia Elizabeth and Marcellus Medina Contemporary Painted Pot

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Zia Elizabeth and Marcellus Medina Contemporary Painted Pot


Artist: Elizabeth and Marcellus Medina

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Zia husband and wife team Elizabeth and Marcellus Medina, known for their contemporary pieces featuring vibrant paint work combining both contemporary and traditional designs, created this eye-catching vessel.  The pot itself was handmade by Elizabeth and features a white background, while Marcellus finished the piece with his incredible design work.  This particular piece is separated into various panels, alternating contemporary dancer designs, including a very detailed eagle, with traditional, geometric patterns.  Dancers are painted in myriad colors, including turquoise, red, green, and yellow, while Zia birds separate the dancers from one another, painted in teracotta and black.  The rim of the piece showcases reoccurring water patterns, while flower and feather designs finish each traditional panel.  Dancers are encased within painted circle and fine line patterns and are painted so intricately they seem to be dancing along the surface of the piece.   5 1/2″ tall x 5 1/2″ wide.