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Jemez Marie Toya Storyteller with Five Children

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Storyteller with five children by Marie Toya of Jemez Pueblo

Jemez Marie Toya Storyteller with Five Children


Artist: Marie Toya

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Jemez potter Marie Toya created this adorable storyteller figurine in her signature style, including five children, two of whom are holding what Marie refers to as “gifts.”  Four children sit upon the storyteller’s lap, while one is perched atop the grandmother’s head.  One child sitting in the grandmother’s lap holds a basket, while another holds a drum.  Three of the children’s heads are adorned with headbands, each of the five figures painted in red, black and white, the grandmother outfitted with a cape painted in traditional patterns along the back. The grandmother’s mouth is open, her eyes closed as she tells each of her five grandchildren about the traditions of Jemez Pueblo. 6″ tall x 3 3/4″ wide x 4 1/2″ deep.

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