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Santa Clara Gwen Tafoya Etched and Polished Canteen

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A black polished, etched canteen by Santa Clara potter Gwen Tafoya, featuring humminbirds, butterflies and flowers

Santa Clara Gwen Tafoya Etched and Polished Canteen


Artist: Gwen Tafoya

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In a departure from her usual bowl and jar type pieces, this canteen by prolific Santa Clara potter Gwen Tafoya remains in keeping with her signature style while taking on a different form.  The piece showcases a beautiful black polished exterior, with hints of brown/red at the center of each side.  The front side of the canteen is intricately etched with Gwen’s recognizable hummingbird and flower designs, the bird’s eye set with a single turquoise stone.  The back side of the piece showcases two butterflies, one set with coral and one with turquoise, fluttering among several sgraffito flowers, which also appear along the bottom of the front side of the piece.  Gwen finished the canteen with impressive polishing skill, leaving no streaks and high shine.  5 1/2″ tall x 6 1/4″ wide.

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