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Hopi Stetson Setalla Large Contemporary Jar

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Hopi Stetson Setalla Large Contemporary Jar


Artist: Stetson Setalla

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The Hopi pueblo is rich with tradition in many areas of the arts world. Their Kachinas are recognized as masterpieces by many and they also have deep roots in when it comes to beautiful pottery. This piece, by Stetson Setalla, features that wondrous Hopi look with a buff polished background and stunning traditional design work done in black, red and white. The design work, for the most part, spans aorund the inflection yielding feather, rain cloud and various geometric bordering designs. The rim is carved in a wave like pattern making the piece more contmeporary in shape. The vessel is signed by Stetson as shown. 8” tall x 11 1/2” wide