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Zuni Tamara Pinto Multi-Stone Inlay Butterfly Pendant

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Zuni Tamara Pinto Multi-Stone Inlay Butterfly Pendant


Artist: Tamara Pinto

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Turquoise, coral, jet, malachite, pink mussel shell, and golden mother of pearl combine to create this whimsical Zuni butterfly pendant by Tamara Pinto.  The piece showcases each of the aforementioned stones inlaid in various combinations and textured to add character, most of which rests along the wings.  The butterfly’s body is inlaid solely with malachite, while each wing features turquoise, coral, jet, golden mother of pearl, and pink mussel shell, the mother of pearl and pink mussel also containing small dots of inlaid turquoise and coral.  Stones within the wings are separated from one another and from the body by slivers of sterling silver, while each antenna is finished with a small jet piece.  1 3/4″ long including bail x 1 3/8″ wide.

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