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Jemez Kathleen Wall Seated Koshare Drummer Figurine - Palms Trading Company
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Jemez Kathleen Wall Seated Koshare Drummer Figurine

Jemez Kathleen Wall Seated Koshare Drummer Figurine


Artist: Kathleen Wall

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Jemez potter Kathleen Wall, known for highly expressive and intricately handmade and hand painted koshare figurines, created this adorable drummer in the same style.  Traditional colors of red, buff, and black comprise the entirety of the piece, each line and design painted by hand.  The koshare sits atop a handmade clay base, painted red with black geometric patterns, its arms held high and a drum hanging from one hand and a drum beater held in the other.  The drum, also made of clay, showcases black, red, and brown paint, as well as leather accents. Black leather also surrounds the koshare’s waist and neck, in addition to hanging from the top of its head, where straw can also be found.  The koshare’s face is exceptionally expressive, his mouth wide, showcasing beautiful teeth, and his head tilted slightly upward, as if singing.  Drum and beater are removable, and koshare can also be removed from the base upon which he sits.  16 1/2″ tall including base x 10 1/2″ wide x 9 1/4″ deep.

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