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Hopi Feather Woman (Helen Naha) Polished and Painted Bowl

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Hopi Feather Woman (Helen Naha) Polished and Painted Bowl


Artist: Feather Woman (Helen Naha)

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Famous potter Helen Naha, better known as Feather Woman and the sister-in-law of Frog Woman (Joy Navasie) created this beautifully painted Hopi bowl.  The piece showcases hand painted patterns along the entirety of the body, with stylized flowers painted just below the rim, followed by fine line designs representing water. Additional stylized flowers are painted below the shoulder of the piece and extend toward the base.  As water provides sustenance to crops and plants, the piece flows beautifully from both an aesthetic and symbolic perspective. A single, flowing red band cuts its way through the black painted fine lines, flowing in a curve that seems to add even more beauty to the bowl.  The piece is finished with a seamless polish and signed with Helen’s signature hallmark, the feather. No cracks, chips, or signs of repair or restoration.  4 1/4″ tall x 5″ wide.

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