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Navajo Bertha Wood Golfing Koshare Kachina

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Navajo golfer koshare kachina by Bertha Wood

Navajo Bertha Wood Golfing Koshare Kachina


Artist: Bertha Wood

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Navajo carver Bertha Wood, known for her expressive and whimsical koshare pieces, created this fun golfer kachina.  The koshare, known within many Native American cultures as a clown or trickster, is shown here swinging a golf club, a leather bag with additional clubs slung across its shoulder.  The piece, carved from cottonwood, showcases a green painted base and a small wooden, white golf ball, while its body is painted blrown and black.  Brown leather covers its lower half, while its legs and feet turn inward.  The piece is finished with a black and white cap, finshed with leather tassels. 7 7/8″ tall x 5″ wide.

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