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What Buying Direct-from-the-Artist Means to Our Customers - Palms Trading Company What Buying Direct-from-the-Artist Means to Our Customers - Palms Trading Company
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What Buying Direct-from-the-Artist Means to Our Customers

In the art world, there are usually three levels of sales:

  1. From the artist to a (wholesale) dealer
  2. From the dealer to a gallery or shop
  3. From the shop or gallery to the final buyer (you)

The price paid for the art increases with each sale so that each party can make a profit.


At Palms Trading Company, we do things a little differently. We are, essentially, an art dealer and a retail shop in one. We skip the middleman completely and buy directly from the artist. Our approach to building an inventory of Native American Indian art provides our customers with a number of benefits:

Best Price
Because one level of profit-making is completely eliminated, our customers save money on the Native American Indian art they purchase from Palms Trading Company. On average, our prices are 15-20% below other retailers’. For those who are able to visit our location in Old Town Albuquerque, our prices are 50% below suggested retail price for jewelry.

Fair Trade
We know the artists we buy from personally, and we are interested in their economic well-being. We know that buying from them at a fair price allows them to continue their craft and keep their cultural heritage and traditions alive. When you purchase Native American Indian art from Palms Trading Company, you can be confident that the price we offer artists reflects the fair value for the time and skill that went into crafting the piece.

Guaranteed Authenticity
Most of the Native American Indian artists we buy from bring their work in to Palms Trading Company themselves. This allows us to form cooperative and friendly working relationships with the artists, and it allows us to be sure of the piece’s authenticity. Our confidence in the authenticity of the art we carry is demonstrated by our retail membership in the Indian Arts and Crafts Association, and we proudly display the seal so that our customers know the products they purchase from us are handmade by Native American Indian artists of the Southwest.

Our expertise and buying practices even allow us to offer the best prices and stand behind the authenticity of pieces we sell on consignment and antique pieces we acquire from individuals.

If you are interested in starting or adding to your collection of Native American Indian art, we invite you to Palms Trading Company. Our online selection represents a fraction of what we carry in-store. If you cannot visit our Albuquerque location and cannot find what you are looking for online, please contact us, and a Personal Shopper can assist you in browsing from the comfort of your own home.