Halloween Masks and Kachinas

Halloween has its roots in Celtic culture, where November 1 marked the New Year. On the day before the New Year, October 31, ancient Celts believed that portals opened enabling the dead to take humans to the spirit world. Over time, Romans and Christians influenced the holiday and masks
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The Story of Storytellers

The oral tradition is the time-honored way Native American cultures pass traditional values and beliefs from one generation to the next. The first storyteller figurine was created in 1963 by Helen Cordero of Cochiti Pueblo. Representing her grandfather’s way of telling stories by gathering everyone around him, Cordero was
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Fair Trade at Palms

October is Fair Trade Month. Fair trade recognizes the hard work and craftsmanship of farmers, artisans and workers by ensuring they are justly compensated for their products. Developing fair trade standards takes a substantial investment of time and money to make sure they benefit producers. As such, fair trade
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